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100 Bendy Pro Cable Ties (300mm x 4.8mm, Black)

100 Bendy Pro Cable Ties (300mm x 4.8mm, Black)

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"🚀 Exciting News! 🚀 BENDYS are Innovating Your Future Cabling Experience! Currently in meticulous development, we're crafting a revolution in cable management just for you. 🧐 Stay tuned and keep an eye on this space for thrilling updates and your exclusive chance to place a Pre-Order soon! 🔜🔗 #BendyRevolution #InnovationInCabling"

Introducing Bendy Pro Cable Ties - Revolutionising Cable Management with Ingenious Design

Bendys are not just ordinary cable ties; they are a specialised solution designed for cabling technicians and professionals in the electrical industry who prioritise both quality and efficiency

Certified Excellence for Professional Use Made from robust PA66, Bendy Cable Ties are UL Type 2S/21S certified and UL Plenum Rated, ensuring they adhere to the highest grade in the cable tie certification standard UL 62275 for industrial and professional use. Count on Bendy for a reliable, top-grade product that performs consistently across all applications requiring up to 222 N (50 lbf) tensile strengths.

High-Quality, Secure, and Reliable These ties feature internal serrations, offering a sturdy hold on cable and pipe bundles, and a head designed for optimal tensile strength with minimal insertion force. The unified, one-piece construction ensures dependable performance and reliability, ensuring your cables remain securely in place.

Optimized for Standard Cable Tray Compatibility Bendy Cable Ties have been meticulously developed to facilitate seamless interaction with all standard cable trays, alleviating the common difficulties technicians encounter during installation:

  • Effortless Cable Tray Navigation: The innovative hook-end design enables easy and swift securing to standard cable trays without the need to manually navigate through confined spaces.
  • Significant Time Efficiency: Developed to mitigate frequent technician frustrations and physical challenges, Bendy Cable Ties notably trim down the time expended on cable installations.
  • Adaptable to Varied Cable Tray Sizes: Through rigorous research and practical testing, Bendy Cable Ties are crafted to provide a secure and adaptable loop, effortlessly gliding through exit slots in a variety of standard cable tray sizes without bending or entangling.

Embrace the future of cable management with Bendy Cable Ties, where British innovation, practicality, and quality converge to deliver a product that’s not merely a utility but a smart solution for modern cabling needs.

Technical Information

Material PA6,6
Flame rating UL94V-2
Colour Black
Certificate UKCA, UL, CE - TBC
Operating Temperature °C -40 ~ 85
°F -40 ~ 185
Min Installation Temperature °C -20
°F -4
Length (L) mm 300
inch 11.81
Width (W) mm 4.8
inch 0.19
Max.Bundle ø mm 76
inch 2.99
Min. Loop Tensile Strength N 222
Kgf 22.6
Lbf 50

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