• Rob Archdale and his friend Dave ruminated over pints about the exasperating day Dave had spent bending cable ties for attaching them to cable trays. Dave shared how he and his colleague Fran had scoured the market for a decade in search of pre-bent cable ties, only to come up empty-handed every time. Their quest was fuelled by the conviction that the right kind of cable ties could halve the time spent on cabling jobs.

  • One evening, amidst shared laughter and aspirations, Rob and Dave decided to take matters into their own hands. The concept of Bendy Cable Ties was conceived from the mix of camaraderie, frustration, and the unwavering belief that there had to be a better way.

  • As an initial endeavour, Dave embarked on a little experiment. He timed himself whilst bending 100 cable ties to the right form, an exercise that consumed two hours of his day—a scale of time that amplifies substantially when extrapolated to the daily routine of a technician who may use hundreds of ties.

  • The backdrop to their challenge was the intricate network of ducting within large buildings, a maze that carries cables and pipes across its breadth and length. Nestled within these ducts are cable trays fastened to the walls by standoff brackets, usually 30-40 mm deep to economise on space. This cramped configuration renders it nearly impossible to manoeuvre one's hand behind the tray to guide the cable tie back through the exit slot—an exasperating ritual for any technician.

  • Driven by this daily struggle, Dave meticulously experimented to find the optimum shape and size of the loop that would work seamlessly in any cable tray from 30mm depth upwards. The loop had to be snug enough to avoid entanglement at the back of the tray, yet long enough to navigate through the exit slot effortlessly. A slight flip away from the main stem was integrated into the design, a feature that aids in locating the exit slot and prevents the loop from bending back on itself—a frequent problem they had encountered.

  • While shaping the design of Bendys, Rob aimed for a solution that was efficient without compromising on cost-effectiveness. The objective has always been to position Bendys as a reasonably priced alternative to traditional cable ties, ensuring that technicians looking to leverage this innovative tool are not hindered by financial constraints.

  • The journey from concept to reality was exhilarating yet demanding. Collaborating with a globally renowned manufacturing partner, Bendys were brought to life, embodying the patent-secured design proudly conceived in London. Today, Bendys stand as a testament to the spirit of innovation, offering the fastest and most user-friendly solution for securing cables to a tray.

  • This endeavor isn't just about finding a solution to a longstanding cabling issue. It's a reflection of innovation in action, the strength of partnerships formed, and an unwavering commitment to making the technician's job more straightforward. Bendy Cable Ties, with their patented design, represent more than an invention; they symbolize a drive to reimagine the familiar. And as Bendys make their mark, they stand as a tribute to a simple chat in a London pub that sparked change.

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