Bendy vs. HellermannTyton: The Future of Cable Tray Management Revealed

Cable tray management is an essential part of infrastructure in numerous industries, ensuring the smooth and orderly flow of electrical and communication cables. When considering the ideal cable tie for this purpose, a comparison between the Bendy Cable Ties and HellermannTyton’s Cable Tie for Cable Trays offers a clear insight into the advantages of the former.

HellermannTyton's Cable Tie for Cable Trays


1. Compatibility with Common Styles: HellermannTyton's cable tie is versatile and can be used with most cable tray styles, ensuring a broad applicability.
2. Easy Installation: With a rated breakpoint, users can expect a hassle-free installation process without exerting excessive force.
3. No Pulling Beneath the Harness: One of its selling points is the reduced need for pulling the cable tie underneath the cable harness, minimizing potential disruptions.

However, despite these advantages, there are areas where HellermannTyton's solution lags behind.

Bendy Cable Ties

1. Less Fiddly: With a pre-bent design, Bendys save installers from the hassle of manually bending ties, simplifying the installation process.
2. Reliability and Security: Bendys promise a secure grip, ensuring cables remain in place without any risk of slippage.
3. Safety at Height: Their design reduces the chances of accidental drops or misplacements, especially when working at elevated positions.
4. Cost-effective: Being cheaper to manufacture, Bendys offer better cost efficiency, translating to potential savings for buyers.
5. Versatile Applications: They cater to a wider range of uses, enhancing the likelihood of them becoming the standard choice for professionals.
6. Environmental Considerations: Less wastage is associated with Bendys, leading to reduced environmental footprints.
7. Familiar Design: Bendys mimic traditional installation methods, making it easier for installers to transition to this new product.
8. Clear Communication: The simplicity of Bendys' design makes it easier for sellers to convey its benefits to potential buyers.
9. D2C Sales Channel: Their straightforward nature makes Bendys the prime candidate for direct-to-consumer sales channels.

Conclusively, while HellermannTyton's Cable Tie has its merits, Bendy Cable Ties present a plethora of advantages that are hard to ignore. As outlined in a recent release, Bendys save time and reduce labor costs, thanks to their pre-formed bend. Straight out of the box, they're ready to use, slashing the installation time by up to three times compared to traditional ties.

Bendys represent innovation born out of frustration with traditional cable ties. The unique pre-bent design targets the pain points of technicians, addressing wasted hours and the cumbersome process of bending ties. And being a British invention with a full UK patent, quality assurance is paramount. Designed and developed in London, it’s a solution set to revolutionize the cabling industry worldwide.

In summary, when evaluating the best cable tie for tray management, Bendy Cable Ties clearly stand out. They not only outperform their competition in several areas but also represent the future of the industry, combining innovation with practicality. For technicians and professionals looking for efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness, Bendys undoubtedly emerge as the top choice.

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